Fall Conference - Fellowship Baptist Church, RAcine

Francis Schaeffer once wrote that successful missionaries understand more than habits, diet, culture, and spoken language of their target people group. They also understand the thought language of that group!

This seminar is going to investigate how the average millennial thinks. We are not going to spend much time on the statistics...too much ink and time has been spent already. Instead, we are going to do the hard work of getting inside their minds so that we have a starting point to share Jesus. Our goal will be to challenge our thinking as well.

Andy Giessman

Andy is the founder and executive director of Addison's Walk Institute for Christian Studies. Addison's Walk is a unique college ministry located in Scranton, PA. Andy has advanced degrees in theology and philosophy as well as 20+ years of youth ministry and pastoral experience. He brings these two worlds together in the college classroom where he teaches philosophy and theology at the University of Scranton. This position serves as his "in" with college students. 

Andy, his wife Becky, and two children live in Scranton, PA.

This is not Andy's first time to Wisconsin! He has spoken at Camp Fairwood multiple times since 2002 as well as several WARBC churches. 



1:00 Registration


2:30 Workshops

Andy G - Bookless Word: A Primer on Defending God's Existence in a Post-Christian World

A beginner's guide to understanding and using the cosmological argument to explain God's



Jon Jenks – A Basic Grid for Counseling Others Biblically

Sometimes the problems seem so complex. Where should we start or should we just say we

can’t help? This workshop will give a basic grid for sorting problems and apply this grid to

some case studies. A list of resources to help with some specific problems will also be given.


4:00 Business Meeting


5:00 Meal and a word from our state representative (provided by Fellowship Baptist – RSVP to info@warbc.org by Oct. 16)


6:30 Evening Session: Sola Tolerentia: All ideas are equal and valid

Gallons of ink have been spilt in an attempt to explain the phenomenon of millennials

leaving churches in droves. While the many statistical studies are helpful and necessary,

they are not enough. These three sessions will instead be a qualitative study of how

millennials think. If we expect to minister to them, we must try to understand their

thought language. Each session will investigate how the average millennial is conditioned

to think a certain way. We will borrow the language of the Reformers to help us. Perhaps

our own thinking will be challenged as well!




9:00 Prayer Time


9:30 2nd Session: Sola Secreto Fidem: All issues of faith are private and personal


11:00 Workshop

Jon Jenks – Steps to Revitalizing

How we breathe life into ourselves, a ministry, our church, and/or a sister church based

upon Ephesians 5:14. Come ready to check your heart and faith. No more immobilization

or addition and subtraction. Let’s multiply in the power of Christ as we obey our

commission from Him.


12:00 Lunch – on your own at local restaurants


1:30 3rd Session: Sola Experientia: True knowledge, if available at all, is only accessed through personal experience(existentialism) or manipulation of the five senses (empiricism).

Racine Area LOdging

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