State Representative -  State Educator

Two men assist the WARBC and the Council of 6 in providing

encouragement and tangible benefits to the churches of the WARBC.

Norman Smith, our State Representative, provides vision, strategy, promotes the WARBC, and oversees communication and prayer support.

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Dr. Jeremy Scott, our State Educator, oversees the training opportunities and conferences of the WARBC.

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Council of Six

The Council of Six (along with the State Shepherd and State Educator) provides oversight and leadership to the WARBC.

Steve Abrams - Secretary

Pastor - First Baptist Church (Kiel)

Scott Burrow

Pastor - Berea Baptist Church (Stevens Point)

Dr. Brian Richard - Chairman

Pastor - Brookridge Church (Plover)

Rodney Schuler

Pastor - Calvary Baptist Church (Menomonee Falls) 

Josh Sherman

Pastor - Ripon Baptist Church (Ripon)

Andrew Wilson - Vice Chairman

Pastor - Faith Baptist Church (Adams)